Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TELECON: Tomas Scheckter 'N Ryan Hunter-Reay

Whale that was Fun! As Indy Car held another in its multitude ‘O Teleconferences with today’s guests being Ryan “The IZOD Dude” Hunter-reay and Tomas “Rockem-Sockem” Scheckter... As your Humble No Fenders Scribe actually asked Tomas not ‘Juan but Two Questione’s...

But first the RALLY-RALLY-RALLY-BIG NEWS! Uh, Gee Whiz! Tomas Scheckter’s Dryer & Reinbold No. 23 will once again be sponsored by Mona Vy... while I wanted to know if he’d be working with a brand new Race crew this May and if so how long would it take for him to “Gel” with them at the Speedway? Tomas stated that he’d already tested with the Team last November and was pretty comfortable with whoever Larry Curry put together for him which would probably be a mixture of Personnel already there ‘N others.

And OOPS! (Jeffie) I asked him Obviously, SNAP! Any chances of running more then Indy? Which I totally didn’t expect anything Earth shattering to be said to Mwah... So NO, right now Scheckter’s obviously focusing upon the Indy 500.

And I enjoyed his comments about how he does NOT enjoy Qualifying at Indy, telling ‘THE DAWG that he’d Qualified P11 5yrs in-a-row and its just a real “Harem-Scarem” time, especially if you’re having to hang it all out like he witnessed Hunter-Reay do in the Vision Racing entry... Just to scrape in 32nd!

Next up was Ryan Hunter-Reay, who’ve I’ve definitely gotta say is growing upon me as a very COOL Dude! And I can say that he’s definitely the right person for IZOD... Which makes it even harder to fathom how he still does NOT have a Full Season ride... Even going so far as to make it sound like his drive at Texas was now somewhat in doubt? Oh Give me a Break; you mean IZOD is gonna hang him out to dry after Indy? Whale that’s a really bold Marketing move, right? Or is this just part of the Hype-machine...

But Ryan’s best answer of all definitely was his opinion upon the newly instituted Oval ‘N Road Course Trophies... Uh, those are great side perks, but, really ALL that matters is who WON Indy and who WON the Series Overall Championship... Good on Yuhs, Mate!

And I also enjoyed his ‘Barb ‘bout potentially adding a Nation’s Cup to the mix? Whale that might be a problem as there’s currently a HELLUVA lot of Brazilian’s racing right now; Hya! But we did have that back when I raced in CART... Zoinks! May be they could take the top scoring driver for each Nationality and do it that way, which would be KOOL...

Oh My Gawd! The might of a Nation upon ‘TAG! As in being the lone “Kuh-Nuck,” eh? (Besides Indy and may be Edmonton & Toronto?)

And that concludes this truncated portion of Today’s Teleconference... As we’re now off to visit Dorothy ‘N her Pooch toto in Kansas... So rejoice all of Yuhs Ovalheads, as Y’all can catch the race on ABC this Saturday morning at 10:30AM PACIFIC...

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