Saturday, April 17, 2010

Joe ‘N the Volcano

At least I think that’s what that really ‘Schnazy Volcano amusement thingy in Los Wages is called? (Las Vegas) Anyway’s today has been utterly chaotic for your Humble Scribe... But in a GOOD way!

Originally I was slated to leave for Sweden via Iceland bright ‘N early Monday morning... And in case you’ve been indoors or in a Cave like Mwah... Then perhaps you haven’t heard ‘bout some ‘lil Seismic action occurring in Iceland recently? As in a FREAKIN’ Volcano erupted (again) for the second time in a month on Wednesday night; CRIKEYS!

Being that a total of 17,000 flights were GROUNDED yesterday... And I’m assuming that the Airports ‘N Airspace’s will become utterly chaotic whenever flight travel is resumed... Then I just didn’t wanna “Roll the Bones” for the moment, thus having deferred my travel dates...

So I spent the whole morning coordinating the rescheduling of my much anticipated Holiday and haven’t even caught my breath yet to watch the taped recording of last nights Formula 1 Qualifying from Shanghai, and will try relaxin’ a bit by hopefully listening to the Indy Car Qualie session provided I can get the stream to cooperate, eh? Then I’ll watch the F1 action “Just-in-Time” to get ready to tape the Race tonight; Blah-blah-blah!

Thus I’m sorry for the lack of F1/IndyCar coverage, while I’ll be raising a RedHook IPA or 3 to the Hundreds of Thousands stranded Abroad in what must truly be a NIGHTMARE!

So why does that long, long, long ago TV Show Hill Street Blues spring to mind when the Sergeant tells everybody “Let’s be Safe out there Today,” Yuhs here!