Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Citizen Tony Spotting

According to Grizzled F1 “Journo” Joe Saward... Guess where Tony George ‘N His Posse were this past weekend? As I can only imagine they’re having some difficulties getting’ home to the Hoosier State...

Apparently Mr. George ‘N (Drinkin’) Buddy Zak Brown were seen in the Shanghai Formula 1 Paddock over the weekend, as reputedly Tony’s still friends with a one Mr. Bernard Ecclestone... Along with holding the name rights to the term USGP, which will obviously need to be acquired if and when Uncle Bernaughty gets his new Grand Prix Americas race off the ground, eh?

Although I still do NOT understand why we CAN’T simply return to The Brickyard? As after all isn’t the MOTO GP contract up after this year? As George tried spinning that he was just on another Holiday and NOT doing any business dealings with Sponsor “Guru” Zackary in tow, yeah right! Hmm? Hold-on a moment? I thought George was trying to resurrect his floundering IndyCar Team in Suspended Animation... So what really is Tony’s Vision...

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