Friday, April 2, 2010

Fans groove Bernard

This past Tuesday Don Kay’s guest on the Autosport Radio Show was none other then somebody named Randy Bernard... Yep, as in the newly appointed CEO of the Indy Racing League, as this was the third time I’ve heard Mr. Bernard speak. First on Trackside with Kevin ‘N Cavin and then on wind Tunnel with Robin Miller guest hosting... And all I can say is WOW! The more I listen to Randy “Andy,” apparently an inside joke according to Jeff of My Name is IRL... Something to do with some TV show I’ve never seen, but I digress... I’m just overly impressed by Mr. Bernard’s charisma, as he’s just a breath of fresh air and seems like a really good fit to lead the league into the future... As could you imagine Tony George not only taking an hour plus out of his schedule to go on some little webcast program... And then saying he’d like to stay afterwards and talk, and Meet ‘N Mingle with everybody! Not to mention wanting to potentially establish an email correspondence with Fans; Aye Karumba! So you may want to listen to the Archived show by clicking here... And yep, that was my question that don asked about (when in the HELL) will Indy Car return to Portland?

While there was NO word on what Mr. Bernard plans to do to mesmerize jaundiced Old Timers over The Speedway’s infamous “Powder Rooms...” While hopefully he’ll leave the Tenderloin Sandwiches alone, eh?

Good Luck Mr. Bernard!