Saturday, April 17, 2010

Longing for the Beach

Which is where I wanted to stick IndyCar.Com’s NEVER ending CRAPY internets stream, as may be a crab or Geo-Duck would drag it away into the Surf and put it OUT of its misery!

But, nevertheless I made it thru the PAINS of listening to another Indy Car Qualifying session via le internets... And NOPE Folks! It’s ONLY INdyCar.Com that I have the ever-continuing Problema’s with... As I tuned in at 2:25PM Pacific and was amazed to get a connection, but I was already worried as it cut out 3-Times before the screen went blank... So I refreshed it and got a momentary dose ‘O Mike “Yippee Kai Eh!” King fillin’ time with Mark James before the CRAPY internets stream went TITS UP! SHEISA!!! As it went completely blank with an internet error screen...

As I had to power down... Pun intended? And then reboot the ‘MUTHER and decided to do it the HARD way ‘N log onto IndyCar.Com and go thru the myriad ‘O Painful screens which I’m getting really used duh, eh? So what gives Indy Car? I mean did Mr. Belskis cut corners on this service too? As in this is the ONLY internets site I have a reoccurring issue of NOT working with EVERY time I tune into a Broadcast, having LOST the connection 2.5 times today, but I digress...

Sure was nice to hear them talk up the Swiss Miss, nee Simona De Silvestro over You-know-who! As although simona just missed out on advancing to Round 2 as she was in on her final lap before Marco bumped her... De Silvestro will roll off P13 while Danna-Who? Is back in Row 10 with Taku-san; YEE-HAW!

Most impressive had to be ‘TAG, who was running with a very sore left wrist as apparently he got his thumb caught in the paddle shifter during an incident during Friday practice and it was quite swollen with the FAZZT Race Team being worried ‘bout possible Tendon damage, as Tagliani will start 7th tomorrow!

And amazing! NO TCGR Boyz in the Fast Six Final Qualifying session today... With YAWN! Three “Peskies,” Two Andretti Autosport’s and D & R’s ‘BIG UNIT Justin Wilson being the lone interloper, eh?

Almost woulda been too scripted if Ryan “The IZOD Dude” Hunter-Reay coulda miraculously pipped Will Power for Pole, BUTT! Power’s simply TOO DAMN FAST! Taking his third Pole Position in-a-row, with Wilson 3rd, Hulio P4 and TK, nee Tony Kanaan ‘N Ryan Briscoe rounding out the Top-6.

And now I’m gonna try watchin F1 Qualifying...