Wednesday, April 21, 2010 Rolls On!

Thanks TOTALLY to the behind-the-scenes work of Blogmeister Miguel, Monday evening he went ahead and “Pulled-the-Trigger...” And Wallah! The New & Improved No Fenders (2) Blogsite was inaugurated with apparently only(?) “Minor” Technical Difficulties... As I didn’t spend the whole day figuring out how to make the Labels work!

For those of you clever enough, you may notice some subtle changes to the Blog’s “Looks ‘N Feel” – which my Most Excellante Blogmeister Miguel will try rectifying in the near future. But for now, as Randall sez; you’re stuck with me and My No Fenders Racing Blog for only another 55yrs... SHEISA!

And I encourage Y’all to drop me a Comment or 43... If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see me Scribble ‘bout in the future... As I have only turned on the name required field in order to try minimizing the EVIL Spammers who enjoyed frequenting my site... So go ahead ‘N leave me a Comment, please...

And it appears there’s now some GRUNTER, Stalker, Err Follower Option available for ALL of you No Die Hards you may wish to check out? It’s down the Right Hand Sidebar, while you can also use the RSS Feed option if so inclined...

Kudos Miguel!

And Thank you for your continued support as we now return to our Normal Programming already in progress...

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