Monday, November 29, 2010

Sarah Fisher hangs up Helmet...

I heard on Trackside with Kevin ‘N Cavin last Wednesday evening that Sarah Fisher would be making an announcement today... Which I suppose shouldn’t be overly shocking, albeit a bit sad... As Juan ‘O her biggest fans THE ‘DAWG is probably making a Kleenex run rights now down at his nearest DG, eh?

Today Sarah Fisher announced her retirement as an Indy Car driver in order to focus solely upon her Co-Ownership role of Sarah Fisher Racing (SFR) and instead will hand over the driving duties of her team’s No. 67 Dallara/Honda racecar to fellow Hoosier Ed Carpenter.

Carpenter will contest a 9-race campaign for title sponsor Dollar General in 2011 beginning on the Streets of St Pete and ending at the season finale – most likely in “Los Wages,” (Los Vegas) Nevada.

Festival of Scotch Shots: Sarah Fisher Retires, Ed Carpenter Joins Team

I’ve been aboard the Sarah Fisher train since late ’07... Especially since NOT being a fan ‘O you know danica-FO-manica who’s! As Sarah’s always been a cut ABOVE Dan-Dan-Daniker... And my strongest memory will always be the ’08 Indy 500 when we ALL pitched in to help Sarah survive that Month ‘O May! Good luck Sarah and Thanxs for the memories – especially NEVER pullin’ a princess-perma-POUT!