Tuesday, November 16, 2010

INDYCAR: Paddock Notes – November 16th Edition

Otay, so Y’all have heard (and hopefully read my story...) ‘bout Chevrolet’s return to Indy Car racing in 2012, see:
TELECON: The Bow-tie returns to IndyCar
And I haveda say I won’t be shocked if another ‘Bombshell is either defused or uncorked today – as I’ve just read in PopOff valve’s Nov. 13story; that today is the Drop Dead-date for Manufacturer’s to announce their intentions to provide Powerplant’s for the 2012 “Body-by-Mennen” (AFX Aero-kit) Era and that none other then FIAT/Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne will be on hand for the Speedway, Indiana groundbreaking ceremonies of Dallara Automobili’s vaunted North American Indy Car Manufacturing plant...

Fiat Voluntas Tua: Italian automaker to join GM, Honda for Indy 2012?
The reason I won’t be shocked is I’ve been taking some ‘Guff for guessing that Alfa Romeo would be the FIAT choice if they decided to return? While I’ve also commented previously how Roush/Yates has just produced an all new V-6 (Twin?) turbo ‘lump for use in the American Le Mans Series – which would figure nicely into Cosworth’s plans if they were to return as a Lotus badged entity, eh? Whilst I’m still trying to figure out if the Honda vs. GM/Ilmor V-6 Twin-turbo units are derived from the same engine platform? And that’s before I even attempt delving into this GRE (Global Racing Engine) thingy. Which I can tell Yuhs I’m NOT a Fan of!

Roush Yates to build Ford engines for ALMS prototypes