Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blogger Night – 2010 Edition

Otay, so it AIN’T nearly as clever as the title I pilfered 1yr ago from ‘Jeffie of the now defunct My Name is IRL website that proclaimed: Night of the Living Bloggers... In deference to last year’s 2nd Annual Blogger Night on Trackside with Kevin “N Cavin...

Night of the Living Bloggers

And I cannot say that this year’s show was necessarily better, but nonethelessit was fairly entertaining While I enjoyed THE ‘DAWG’s build-up by noting; What to Do when ALL of your guests are traveling on a Holiday weekend, eh? Uhm? Hold the third Annual Blogger NightDrumstick, Err Drumroll please...

Blogger Night; 11/24
No. Blog Name Blogger
1) IndyCar Garage.com Tyler Carmichael
2) JPIndyCarThoughts.Blogspot.com “Johnny (John) Parsons”
3) More Front Wing.com Paul Dalbey
4) More Front Wing.com Stephanie Wallcraft
5) OilPressure.wordpress.com George (“Geo.”) Phillips
6) Open Paddock.net Doug Patterson
7) PopOffValve.com Tony Johns
8) Pressdog.com Bill Zahrin
9) TheFormulaOneAndMotorsportArchive.wordpress.com Leo Gorman
10) The race gIRL.com Monica Hilton
11) TracksideOnline.com Patrick Stefan
(listed alphabeticallyNOT in order)

The show started off with a quick recap of most current Silly Season fodder and then Tyler of IndyCar Garage was supposed to be on Pole, but they couldn’t reach him on his In-Car radio during the Parade lapwhile Kevin said: Tyler this is Kevin of TracksideDo you Copy?

As apparently Tyler had stalled on the Grid? So would-be Danicker “Stunt Double?” (Hya!) Monica slotted into the leadwhich seemed appropriate since after all aren’t Ladies supposed to go first? (Right Kevin?)

Then the only Blogsite I’d never heard of in this year’s cavalcade ‘O Bloggeratzi was an English bloke chiming in all the way from BLOODY London! As Kevin asked Leo; so what’s it like there 4:30-5:30AM? NO, it’s only 1:30AM here Mate, Leo replied... As lookie ‘Dar Mister Carpetseven Kevin Lee has trouble converting from New York/Indy/ET/Left Coast/Seattle/Pacific/BST Timezones; Hya! But I digress...

As Leo NOT only won the contest for furthest-away Bloggerbut also the LONGEST DAMN Blogsite name on the planet... And I’ve only just briefly visited his sitewhich obviously is right up my alley since it’s a Formula 1 & related Single Seater website...

Then, the show’s celebrity guest ‘LyndieCar phoned-in, since Curty was having trouble decipherin’ her clever Mike King TWIT-er tweet, which Lyndie Thaxton explained was since one of the Boyz sounded a bit like Messer Yippee-I-eh, (King) which was due to Kevin having a slight cold...

Next I think was Mr. Oil Pressure, who seems to enjoy pointing out the fact that he’s the OLDEST (IndyCar) Blogger on the planet and gave props to Kevin for personally introducing him to his icon ‘D-Squared, a.k.a. Donald Davidson last May at Mecca...

‘D-SquaredDonald Davidson

Didn’t catch John’s last name during his chat with the Trackside Boyz, so I’ll just keep sticking with calling him Johnnie Parson III (NO relation I’m aware of...) Who is quite adept at writing very clever Fake News stories, having especially enjoyed his expose on the massive DEFECTION of IndyCar Starz the night before Homestead over that Naked Man on an Uni-cicle...

Now let’s see I could go for some cheeky quip ‘bout Three’s Company, Err what’s that the French call a threesome; Oh Never Mind! DAMMIT TOMASOYou’re A Clever ‘Verdi Botcher, Eh! (OOPS! Star Trek Flashback ‘Dar...) as the irresistible ‘DAWGDAMN YOU ‘DAWG! ALWAYS HOGGIN’ UP ZE LADIES... As pressdog was the meat in a More Front Wing sandwich, with Paul up first and Steph batting clean-up...

As yeah, I’ll admit; I’m jealous of who Curty-Boy refered to as the Dean of IRl, Err, OOPS! IndyCar Bloggers... Offering to set-up THE ‘DAWG with an interview with the BOSS. NO! NOT Citizen Tony or the Seester George’s... NOOOOOOOO!!!! Mother Mary herself, as in Mary Hulman Georgeof course AFTER Cavin’s piece with herNice Job ‘DAWG!

Yet, I was MOST impressed by Steph of all, who had the gumption to NOT sugarcoat things, and after shamelessly plugging her Blogsite; which after allwas the WHOLE point of the show. (And encouraged by Kevin...) Promptly got to work pointing out how absolutely DISGUSTING the ‘hole Edmonton race affair was, especially how POORLY it was handled; along with pointing out how NOT ONE single “Major” Mainstream Media haunt covered the event live as it was the same weekend as the Brickyard 400Car No. 42; You’re goin’ too FAST again... Wait, Yuhs meanz I’ve been to a race venue before the stellar Curt Cavin has? (As I plan to shortly begin upon my ‘Mega Edmonton Saga story...)

Stephanie then went even further by giving Team (Canada) “Oh KanaDuhs” Mike Cockrill a most appropriate Shout Out! As Mike has tirelessly toiled behind the scenes in order to save his race... Note-to-self; we’ve really gotta hire him to work on the Portland event next!

This was followed by two emails from Trackside Online & Pop Off Valve being read by show producer Matt, as Patrick’s was very clever. Denoting how he likened to think he’d scratched ‘N clawed his way to the top ‘O duh Heap in 10-year’s time, but that actually Indy Car needed every single voice possible; whilst POV’s head Bottle-washer Tony was busy makin’ friendz with the TSA. Having just enjoyed an Up-close ‘N very Personal LUV-Pat down...

Thus, that’s my copious take upon the show, which like always, thanxs to Kevin ‘N Cavin and 1070 The Fan for having the gumption to do such a thing! As you can find the Podcast on the Trackside with Kevin and Cavin page at 1070 the fan.com.

And like Patrick sez; after you’re done raedin’ my scribblin’s obviously; Hya! Make sure to check out the entire Word Butcher’s out therebe it Indy Car, Open Wheel Racing or Formula 1, as almost everyone of us has some sorta Blogroll on our websites...

And Oh yeah; I just realized that Jeffie’s National Hug-A-Blogger Day (October 13th) seemingly went completely unnoticed this year on the Blogosphere!

National Hug-A-Blogger Day

Try it – You’ll LIKE it! Honest...