Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snowbound in Seattle...

Yeah, when it SNOWS here, our city comes to a virtual standstill... As we’ve been in a Winter Storm Advisory for the past 24+ hours – with a light dusting of the white stuff Sunday before the arctic winds from Oh KanaDuh socked the Northwest with a further chilly dosing ‘O snow...

Snow, below freezing temperatures in the Northwest
So what better way to sit-out the snow then by watchin’ the V8 Supercars from Down Under, Eh! As the tape-delayed action I was watching was actually from Tasmania – at the Symmons Plains circuit; as somebody named Marcos “Taszy” Ambrose was doing the show intro’s from sunny, warm Florida...

And I haveda say that the Aussie Supercarz remind me a lot of the good ‘Ol Trans Am dazes – when the Big-3, nee Ford, Chevy and Dodge battled it out mightily on the road circuits of North America...

Although I was caught off guard by the Pre-race banter when somebody said there’s still 900-points on the table; CRIKEYS! As I’ve just learned that a win equals 150-points; with six rounds remaining. (As of this episode on SPEED)

The other thing that surprised me was that the teams do a 2-tyre change where they swap the right rear with the left front; as the front tyre takes the least loading during a stint, as it was mentioned the two corresponding tyre’s had a 30-degree temperature difference. (Celsius? 60 vs. 90...)

Thus the first round saw the two Championship protagonists James Courtney and Jamie Whincup start side-by-side, albeit Whincup finished ahead, thus trimming Courtney’s lead from 71-points to 41-points after Race 1. Then it got really crazy as Courtney’s lead was wiped out when he was given a Drive-thru penalty for “Avoidable” contact – dropping back to 22nd whilst waiting to serve his Stop-Go penalty after the Safety Car came in.

This placing, along with title rival Jamie Whincup vaulting up to fifth place saw Courtney drop 19-points behind Whincup. But then Jamie had to make a late race Pitstop – having not gotten a full fuel load due to a fuel rig malady... Which saw Whincup end the race behind Courtney in 15th, while James rebounded to P12 and took back over the points lead by 50 markers! Cornfuzed? As I think that’s a 121-point swing, eh?

As there’s now one race with two rounds left and Courtney has bolstered his lead to 53-points over Whincup – so who’ll win the title? You make the Call!

Meanwhile, what better Nightcap then the History channel’s relaunching of the American version of Top Gear then Tanner Foust racing Downhill Skiers in an All-wheel drive “Mister-Bitchy” Lancer Evo, eh? Hmm – perhaps Tanner can give me a lift in this white stuff, Yuhs think? (Although that wasn’t the episode I watched...(

Storm barrels through Northwest as travel ramps up

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