Thursday, November 18, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Lotus to Unveil its 2012 Indy-style Racecar today in Los Angeles

Whale, apparently Sergio Marchionne ‘N FIAT/CHRYSLER weren’t just quite ready yet to throw their Hat into the Ring... The Ring ‘O Fire? But according too many on the Blogosphere... Some Hipster named Curty Kavin has broken the news that Lotus will not only be providing Aero-kits for the new 2012 Indy Car Series, but now will become an engine supplier as well!

GEEZ! First Formula 1 – then IndyCarz... Yuhs knows like the Lotus Engineering sponsored by Cosworth Dalaara Honda’s that KV Racing Technology thoroughly crash tested this season... (Cymbol crash – please!) Then there was the Aurora Borealis Gran Tourismo Forty-four (Evora Cup GT4) for the Stringback Glove Boyz, I mean what’s next RASSCAR??? So if you’re not too busy with your Stockbroker buyin’ up tons ‘O GM shares – I hear there’s something going on at 2PM Pacific today in La-La land...

The Lotus Blossom Fades