Monday, November 22, 2010

‘Stattman calls out Tomaso on Speed Freaks

So two Sunday night’s ago (11/14) whilst listening to another episode of Duh Freaks! (Speed Freaks) I decided to fire off another email to hopefully enlighten ‘Stattman who’d been giving Crash Gladys constant grief over some ex-Home Team Basketball game – where a certain Indiana establishment got blown-out eighty sommethung tooze twenty-one? Thus I fired off the very brief email in regards to Stattman having trouble with who the second Formula 1 driver was to vault from third-to-first in the Drivers Points Standings in the season finale; (having gleaned this info from the SPEED broadcast...)

Yo ‘Stat,
The first F1 Driver to vault from 3rd to 1st in the final race was your friend ‘N Citroen Junior Rally Team driver The Iceman – Err, the Kimster, nee Kimi Raikkonen in 2007...

Oh yeah, somebody named Fernando LOST the title that year too... As he ‘N Lewis Hamilton finished 1-point BEHIND Kimi...

Thus, I was blown away again when immediately after the commercial break I’d sent the note – Kenny Sargent went into a brief diatribe ‘bout Sebastian Vettel ‘N Formula One before proceeding to read my email live “On Air!” To which I thought I heard Crash say “I LUV ‘DAT GUY...” Whilst Kenny got hammered by Crash on pronouncing Citroen – saying Uze better watch out for Mister Correction; Hya!

Thus ‘Stattman then went on a long ramble and threw tomaso’s name into his rant twice more – saying You’d better watch out Tomaso... “I’m Coming to Get You!” so it was pretty funny SHIT! Which I guess was my reward for listening to the entire episode, eh?