Monday, November 22, 2010

Double Vision?

(James Bond Aston Martin DB5; Source:

As Y’all may know? I got up at 4:30AM (Pacific) in order to watch the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – and a funny thing occurred. When I watched it LIVE the first time, during the Post-race interviews I SWEAR they talked to all three drivers; as Lewis Hamilton was brief, but ‘JENSE gave a long answer replete with sponsor plug...

Yet when I watched the race for a second airing, when SPEED replayed the race in the afternoon – for reasons unknown; they felt compelled to cut OUT both McLaren drivers’ comments... Did anyone else notice this? What Gives SPEED!

Then I bumped into this somewhat quirky titled story in my local fish wrap...

F1 in 2011 needs more show, less hype
“Give the drivers push-button rockets, give them tire-slashing blades like the ones on James Bond's Aston Martin. Give them something, anything, to make Formula One more interesting next season. Please.”

And speakin’ of Bond, did Y’all see what Mr. Connery’s Goldfinger Auston Martin DB5 fetched in a recent auction?

James Bond DB5 Sells For $4.6M