Saturday, November 6, 2010

Holy Defensive Driving ‘Jense!

Apparently Brazil is a Hotbed of dubious activity... As a zillion years ago I recall reading ‘bout various Hacks having their laptops absconded upon arriving in Sao Paolo, as I like to believe it was Tony dodgins who was then scribing for OnTrack magazine... And I think Grizzled F1 Journo Joe Saward just wrote ‘bout a colleague having his wallet lifted during their dinner outing this weekend...

Now I’ve just heard word that “JENSE (Button) has happily escaped confrontation with some Armed Banditos whilst trying to depart the Interlagos circuit...

Button Unharmed in Attack

During Sunday’s SPEED Pre-race show Messer Buxton caught up with Uncle Bernaughty – who’s such a Card, eh? Oh Bernie QUIT trying to be so clever will Yuhs! Telling Will that he thought Jenson had simply been trying to buy a hat...

Now comes word that not only did ‘JENSE have a frightening moment but the Sauber lad’s were even worse off when they had to hand over their briefcases; SHEISA!

Button describes close call as Sauber mechanics are also held up

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