Friday, November 5, 2010

Hispania Racing Team news

By now I’m guessing Y’all have heard the news that Formula One Team HRT has signed a contract with “Team Willie” (AT&T Williams) for supply of their Gearboxes & Hydraulics beginning in 2011, as Hispania seeks to ditch its problematic XTrac units in favour of something more reliable. As the move will leave only Virgin as the sole XTrac Customer next season...

Meanwhile the never ending revolving door of “Paying” Drivers continues this weekend when Christian Klien once again replaces “Sackoe-Moneyato.” *Sakon Yamamoto) who this time isn’t suffering from a cooked up diagnosis of food poisoning... No word on whether or not the Japanese driver will be back at Abu Dhabi?

And speaking ‘O Moohlah, the Team seems to be keeping its options alive. As the long winded rumour of a deal with the deposed Toyota F1 Organization continues to be kept alive on ze internets, albeit there appears to be more then meets the retina, eh? As although it may be viewed as a step backwards for The Incredible Hulk, I’d be happy to see the young Nico Hulkenberg continue on in Formula 1 next season...

More on HRT and Toyota

I’ve also seen ‘Juan solitary report speculating that Bruno Senna may be tipped as a possible replacement for the “Scrumptious ‘Juan” *Jarno Trulli) next year behind the wheel of a Lotus Renault? Although there’s NO word on who’ll actually win the Team Lotus Moniker Sweepstakes, and the reumour comes from the fairly optimistic Brazilian Press... Whilst the younger Senna is chafing at the bit to participate in his inaugural Home Grand Prix at Sao Paolo.

Bruno Senna: “Interlagos will be quite emotional…”