Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Edmonton gets the Boot!

All I can say ‘bout the news leaking out of ‘KanaDuh is FUCK! While instead of South Park movie’s theme of Blame ‘KanaDuh... All I can hear in my head is BLAME EDMONTON! (BUTT NOT ITS PEOPLE – ITS CITY GOVERNMENT!)

Last night I first spotted news upon the Edmonton Indy Car Series race demise over at PopOff Valve... (Hey Team KanaDuh – what ‘bout No Fenders, eh?) As it appears that Tony has pulled the story while further updating it? But it’s also been followed up by more Bloggaratzi reports along with Kurty Cavin’s short IndyStar piece...

Last summer I signed a petition to keep the City Centre’s Airport open during the race weekend, which apparently didn’t pass muster... As the City announced plans to shut down the runways and effectively scuttle the race.

But I’m told that apparently the City of Edmonton failed to recognize a Federal(?) mandate that the runway in question would remain operable due to a mandatory Air Ambulance service requirement.

Thus somebody at City Hall was obliged to go back to new Race Promoter – Octane Group, who is the promoter of the Canadian Grand Prix (F1) on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve to see what could be done...

Thus, could Octane come up with plans to move the track’s location from the current west airport runway to the east runway which needs repaving? (Repairs) Octane said fine and came up with a new course layout and told the City it’d need $2.7m to complete the reconfiguration project – which apparently the City’s Board Members said NO MAS too – WTF? ARE YOU STUPID??? As I understand the monetary aspects BUTT! Somebody needed to point out how much Tourism revenue is generated by the Formula 1 race held on the Il Notre Dam... And I AIN’T sayin’ the Edmonton race is comparable to Montreal... BUTT! Your Humble Scribe trekked across one border and 1,000 miles to have a most enjoyable outing at Edmonton’s City Centre this July... So don’t let the Barn Door hit Yuhs on the Keister – Edmonton City Government Officers... As you already know how long I’ve been pining for a return to Portland, which will probably NEVER happen! (But NOT at Edmonton’s expense!)

Oh Whale, I guess I haveda ruefully wish for IndyCar to return to Vancouver, BC now, eh? Although that City has already turned its back upon CART once...

Yet it would be nice to see an eleventh-hour saviour ride into Edmonton’s rescue, although I’m told that way back in 2005 Edmonton beat out Calgary for the event, which had Molson’s backing at the time. While reputedly Tony Kottman has already been to Quebec City and they have a suitable venue in place.

And as I scribbled last year in: Paul Tracy and Edmonton need your Help... The song remains the same, as I’m told that continuing to race at Edmonton would be beneficial to Tracy’s continued tenure in Open Wheel Racing, as after all its been the Canadian races that have been buoyed by Tracy’s appearances Up North Eh!

So way to go Edmonton City GOOBERS!

IndyCar 'disappointed' at Edmonton outcome