Friday, December 4, 2009

Paul Tracy and Edmonton need your Help

Just finished listening to my second ever Planet IRL Podcast; the very first being with Crash Gladys a little while ago, as I’m ‘Juan ‘O duh Freaks who listens to them on a regular basis.

The new Podcast features a nice interview with Mr. Chrome Horn, a.k.a. Paul Tracy, also known as the Thrill from the West Hill; for all uze Hosers lookings to satisfy your PT “Fix,” this should due the trick, as Tracy answers all of the questions and still needs your input on his shout Out section of his Athlete Profile on…

An interview with Paul Tracy

Also needing some assistance; “Get Over it Y’all Ovalheads!” Any Open Wheel Racing is a GOOD thing… The only thing better would be MORE IndyCar races on the calendar; including Portland!

But apparently there’s some grumblingsgoing on ‘bout the City’s lost revenue for holding the race, which reminds me sort of Cleveland… As I’d suggest the Citizens of Edmonton take a look at what Montreal just did… And overlook the financial costs, as Montreal was desperate to get the F1 race back for the chance to improve Tourism, along with all of the other financial rewards having a major Motor Race has; Hotels, Dining, Transportation, etc. Since once there gone… They very rarely come back!