Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The ‘Utter Mikey

Whale I’m not sure why, but Mikey “Aw Shucks” Waltrip sure seems to be getting’ a lotso press lately. And I’ll skip the Mikey blows 0.6 in another Accident scandal…

First there was ex-Toyota F1 Star Jarno Trulli and ex-F1 Piloto Mika Salo hangin’ 10 in the Michael Waltrip Racing pits during the Phoenix, AZ RASSCAR weekend before testing ‘Juan ‘O ‘dem Roundy-round Carz.

Mika Salo & Jarno Trulli’s RASSCAR adventure

Then there’s the news that Mikey and ‘TAZ, a.k.a. Marcos Ambrose will run a 24hr race in Abu Dhabi aboard a Ferrari F430GT, which Marcos hopes not to mess-up too badly; claimin’ he hear’s those Ferrari’s can be real expensive to repair…

Marcos Ambrose – Michael Waltrip start your Dhubai

And then lastly comes word that Mikey will be a speaker at the inaugural Motor Sport Business Forum North America in Orlando, FL, focusing upon the Biz ‘O Motorsports; Co-promoted by Just Marketing International, (JMI) a Zak Brown Production…

Kinda makes you wonder what makes him such a sot after commodity, (Comedy) eh?

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  1. It's the hair that makes him such a sot after commodity.

    Or maybe not.