Monday, December 14, 2009

Mercedes deal falls apart

I find this mornings news upon BRAWN GP’s, nee Mercedes Grand Prix being bamboozled by a Shady Salesman quite preposterous… How in the HELL could the Team be so short sighted in its acquiring of a 3yr $90m Euros sponsorship deal? Especially if the stories we’re led to believe claiming a simple search on the all Knowing Google-monster reveal said “Scheizter’s” previous Criminal background…

Mercedes loses $81m Henkel deal

As apparently Nick Frye(?) has done an unauthorized deal with Willy Luchs and his accomplice, an ex-Henkel “Junior” Employee masquerading as Head of Company Sponsorship, who’s long since been Fired, as they apparently “Borrowed” the Henkel’s Corporate letterheads and concocted the ultimate F1 sponsorship sham this past summer…

In case you’re wondering just who in the heck is Henkel? They’re the parent company of a brand known as Loctite, which was a longtime McLaren sponsor… As it seems like the McLaren vs. Mercedes broo-ha-ha steamroller donnybrook continues on; Ja-Ja!

Thus all of this news makes me wunder if the whole Herr Schumacher to race for Mercedes GP in 2010 is a cleverly crafted Smokescreen to divert our attentions away from the news that has now finally been revealed over the sponsorship bungling…

Excuse me Mr. Tomaso, there’s a call from a ‘Juan Messer Bernard Madoff for you on line three; says he’s got a great proposition for you!

Anyone care for a lollipop?