Monday, December 7, 2009

Silverstone finally awarded British GP

Although Uncle Bernaughty has been most intent upon reeking havoc upon his loathed BRDC operators of the Silverstone circuit, when some 18 months ago he dropped the Bombshell during the 2008 British Grand Prix weekend that the races future home had been awarded to Donnington under George Gillette’s leadership; who’s since missed several Ecclestone imposed deadlines before ultimately filing for Administration…

Thus its very good news that Emperor Bernardo and the British Racing Drivers Club have amicably come to a compromise that enables the British GP to remain at Silverstone for the foreseeable future, as Silverstone has secured the F1 race In a 17yr deal, with the British GP potentially staying at BLOODY ‘OL Silverstone thru 2026…

Green light for British GP at Silverstone

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