Friday, December 4, 2009

F1 Team staffing reductions to come into force

I’ve just stumbled upon a little caveat of sad information, which I’d assume that all current Formula 1 employees are painfully aware of… As part of the FOTA’s cost cutting initiatives is something known as the Resources Restriction Agreement, which was part of this year’s signing of the Concorde Agreement.

And apparently I missed the news of exactly how much the Resources Restriction Agreement effected Formula One, as all I thought it entailed was the mandatory shutting down of all Constructor’s activities for a four week period during the enforced summer Holiday.

But now I’ve learned that it means that also all F1 Constructors will cap their Team Staff level to a maximum of 280 personnel beginning in 2011, which means we’ll see a massive amount of staffing reductions continue over the next twelve months as the Big League Teams, i.e.; Ferrari, McLaren, etc will be forced to drastically shed key personnel, which hopefully many can find employment in the four new Constructors coming online in 2010.

And along with the impending staff reductions, I’ve also gleamed the fact that Teams will be allowed only 45 people to travel to each Grand Prix event…