Friday, December 11, 2009

One Down, One to go!

As I scribbled ‘Juan week ago in Paul Tracy and Edmonton need your help; according to Matt “CAM-WOW” Chamois of The Other side fame… The Edmonton City Council has very wisely decided to unanimously approve the continuation of the Rexall Grand Prix in 2010. (And beyond?) Which is excellent news! DAMN! I might even have to take a long distance trek to the Cleveland-esqe circuit, eh?

Edmonton Rexall Indy in 2010

While way to go Planet IRL for bringing the topic to light on one of your latest Podcasts and Kudos to Mike Cockrall (Team Canada) for your hard work on convincing Edmondton to keep its IndyCar race; now all you’ve gotta do is get a new multi-year contract extension signed!

Now all we need is for Santa to bring Mr. Chrome Horn, nee Paul Tracy a 2010 Full season ride in IndyCars, eh?