Saturday, December 12, 2009

Is he back?

According to widespread speculation which is percolating on le internets… The German magazine Focus, along with German Daily Newspaper Bild
Are both reporting that the TERMINATOR, Der Zeben-timen Vurld Champion Michael Schumacher has reputedly inked a deal with the newly reconstituted Mercedes Grand Prix to drive alongside “Junior” teammate Nico Rosberg…

As apparently Schuey will come outta retirement to partner with his ex-boss Ross Brawn in a One year deal, contingent upon the German’s neck “Muskel’s” being 100%, as Mercedes returns to Grand Prix racing as an Constructor for the first time in 55yrs…

First Herr Schumacher hooked “Heinz 57’s” (Heinz-Harald Frentzen) girlfriend, before marrying Corina… And now “Quick Nick” (Heidfeld) must be goin’ Batty having his ride taken by ‘Ol Man Schumi, Ja-Ja? As for the record, Michael’s 40yrs old and NOT 41 as the majority of the Newswires are claiming… (NOT that it matters, but he’ll turn 41 in January, 2010)

And I have mixed emotions over this… As I prefer to remember him as the TERMINATOR who made Motorsports BORING at the beginning of this decade, as I’ll be happy to see him return, I just hope he doesn’t pull a Nigel and his (Cranium) backside’s become too BLOODY LARGE to fit into the cozy confines of the BRAWN “BEE-GEE” 002, Err never mind; as I guess the move makes sense, since afterwards he can join his famous brother Ralfanzo in the DTM, Ja Volt! So, guess I’ll be contributing once again to Schuey’s retirement fund when I get my Minichamps 1/18 Silver Arrows…

No word yet on whether or NOT Norbert Haug will let him race his “Scooter?”

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  1. Sghumaher was the best but don t forget Aiton Sena