Friday, December 4, 2009

Watch out for ‘dem Trees Kimi!

Insert Tarzan theme music here…

Otay, I found much amusement in the title above, which Joe Saward mused about today, as its now official; Kimi Räikkönen has been confirmed at Citroen’s “Junior” Rally Team for the 2010 WRC season, in which appears to be the final season of the “REAL WRC!” As sadly, the World Rally Championship will regress to its lower Formulae Super (“Dooper?”) 2000 specs as its top flight Rally category beginning in 2011; CRIKEYS!

And it’s a shame that the WRC is no longer aired on SPEED, as I for one will be most intrigued to see how the “Monotone Man” prevails in his Rookie campaign, while there was NO word on whether or not the Finn showed up in his Monkey costume for the Press Release…

It’s Official: Raikkonen to WRC in 2010

So watch out for that tree, Kimi!