Monday, December 14, 2009

Lets get ready to Rumble

Uhm? How can I pass up on the opportunity to scribble ‘bout an ensuing “Cat Fight” Meow? Meow? (Or is ‘dat Chihuahua fight, eh?) As Y’all are probably aware of by now… DannaCar will be joined by her Pen-Pal and Fan du Jour Milka-licious this week in an ‘Bomber test session on ‘dem Highbanks ‘O Day-toner, as the Princess makes her celebrated debut behind the wheel of an ARCA Taxicab, with”Milk ‘N Doughnuts” trying out for the Brown ‘N Co. Almond Joy squad; ‘Cause sometimes Uze feels like a NUT and sometimes Uze DON’T! While Daniker wanders Who’s Her Daddy?

Yet according to ‘Ol Curmudgeon Robin Miller, the two (former?) IndyCar Diva’s will settle their towel throwin’ – bitch slappin’ throwdown in a celebrity Figure 8 Derby at Elvira Speedrome with Jesse James as the PA Announcer… And they’ll be running good ‘Ol 109% leaded octane gasoline in a woman take all duel… With Jesse set to ride to the rescue ‘N pull a Bobby Unser by throwin ‘ a lighter into the cockpit of the surviving Tin Top… Of which garnered Bobby Unser a place upon my top 10 of my 50 Baddest Bad Asses!

The Baddest Bad Asses