Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So I’m guessing; HA-HA? That part of the Speed Freaks segment Sunday night with ESPN’s Terry Blount; Who simply snorted that NOBODY in America knows who Sebastian Loeb (or WRC) is… Was in part an attempt to wind-up the listening audience? As I have to admit it immediately got my goat… As I’m becoming quite tired of all of the glowing praises being given to “the Sarge,” NO! NOT Kenny Sergeant, but the other Sergeant who’s got a disgusting sponsorship deal with a branch of the Armed Services… As I will ALWAYS feel that there are two organizations whom should NOT be allowed to sponsor Motorsports, i.e.; Military and Religion! But I digress… As Terry Blount was aware of whom Travis Pestrona was… Yeah, he’s the current Rally America Champion, Bubbah!

And I guess I’m in the minority as I actually found the WRC races to be dare I say it? More exciting then F1 when they were time delayed broadcast upon SPEED. And I hazard a guess that they’d be watched next year with the Kimster’s arrival, eh?

But back to the Freeks broadcast, as the ‘Blountster was on the show to debate his yearly Top 10 Motorsport Driver’s choices, of which yielded four RASSCAR names, three Formula 1 drivers, two IndyCar Piloto’s and a lone ‘Straightliner choice.

Ranking the world's best 10 drivers

But Kudos to Statt Man Caruthers for bringing up Sebastian Loeb’s name, who after all is the MOST Dominant World Rally Championship Driver of ALL time, having just claimed his sixth consecutive WRC crown! And good job Terry, as the more I ponder it? The more I find it would be hard to come up with 10 drivers who’d make everyone happy, although I’d have to give ‘ZEBB (Sebastian Vettel) the nod over Webber, Mate! NOT to mention where’s The Doctor, eh?