Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Testing shenanigans

So I’m a bit surprised that nobody decided to point out my boo-Boo last week when scribbling ‘bout the Young Americanoes testing the Formula 1 waters.

Take Two: Young Americans in F1

As indeed J.R. Hildebrand & Alexander Rossi (both from the “Raisin” state) were doing Yeoman’s duty in Jerez… But I had to laugh that I’d totally blocked out those gimmicky “Hyped” tests with Nazareth’s second coming ‘O IndyCars… As Yep, I’d blown off “Marky Mark’s” (Marco Andretti) two tests for the perennial Honda F1 Racing Team remember ‘dem? As its funny how stateside F1 trivia revolves around the period from Mikey A’s abortive ’93 season to Scott “Whoopee Cushion” Speed’s tumultuous run at Toro Rosso… So I’ve now come up with seven American F1 test drivers from 1994-2009; can you name them? Five are from the state of California, one’s from Michigan and Marco’s from Pennsylvania…