Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Renault staying put for now

And the Hits just keep on rolling… As another day, another announcement, as its been rumoured that the “Reggie” may be potentially selling its Formula 1 Team now for several weeks, as originally David Richards was thought to be in the “Catbird’s” seat…

Yet, Richards and his Prodrive Operation have been thwarted from the F1 Paddock once again with today’s announcement that Renault has sold a majority stake of its F1 Franchise to Genii Capital, a private Luxemburg company with multiple interests in Technology, Marketing and Sports,

Yet the French owned Team will retain its Renault name for the 2010 season along with providing its V-8 “Lumps” to 2009 Constructors runner-up’s Red Bull Racing.

Genii Capital is run by 37yr old Gerard Lopez, who made part of his fortunes when his Mangrove Capital Partners company got in on the ground floor of backing the internets service known as Skype.

Thus I’m assuming that “The Krakow Kid” (Robert Kubica) will remain as the Reggie’s (namesake) lead driver, while NO word on who’ll partner him as China’s Ho-Pin Tung may be one candidate?

I just hope that his Gravity Sport Management company Isn’t the same company that “Stiffed” Sarah Fisher last year, eh? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist that!)