Wednesday, December 16, 2009

American Idols: F1 style

And thus with the renewed efforts of the House ‘O Windsor to get not only an American Constructor onto the F1 grid in 2010, we’re still hoping to see some of the current stateside talent to emerge behind the keyboards in the rarefied atmosphere known as the ‘Peenacle of Motorsport; since after all, now that ‘Dannacar has made her RALLY-RALLY-RALLY-BIG! GEE-WHIZ Announcements of doin’ duh double: IndyCar ‘N Roundy-round… We’ll anxiously await the arrival of perhaps multiple “Homegrown” talents contesting the waters of Formula One in 2011 or beyond…

So who are some of the REAL contestants, as NO! I doubt Donald Duck or Gina Davis will make the cut, as last I’d heard, Ken & Peter were still on the letter “D” in their pursuit of potential candidates.

Yet I’ve previously scribble ‘bout J.R. Hildebrand and Alexander Rossi, not to mention John Edwards, Jonathan Summerton , etc.

See: Take Two: Young Americans in F1 (below)

But I’d also read at Junior Open wheel Talent, that there were some other candidates who don’t seem to be getting any sorta press, except from Ryan who’d noted that along with Rossi testing a GP2 chassis in preparations for his foray into GP2 Asia and his F1 test for BMW Sauber, that Jake Rosenzweig was also busy testing GP2 machinery at the same outing at Paul Ricard, as Rosenzweig has been busy racing in F3 Euroseries this season..

Another Young gun hoping to make a bit ‘O history is Matt Lee, who’ve I’ve also never heard of before, as Ryan has noted how Matt is set to contest the upcoming Italian F3 Championship, as NO American has ever won that series and I’d guess that Matt will definitely have his work cut out for him, eh?

Then there’s USF1’s “golden Boy” Jonathan Summerton , who just participated in the year’s final F2 series test at Portimao, where he didn’t exactly set the world on fire, but nevertheless Summerton is looking to return to Europe to gather seat time Across the Pond for his big foray into F1 in the near future…

Thus its funny how some grab the headlines while others seem to garner nary a peep; as I’d have to say that Rossi seems to be the best bet to leap into Formula One first, although Edwards, Hildebrand and Summerton all have the tools to compete there, while the next wave seems to be Conor Daly, Matt Lee, Josef Newgarden and Jake Rosenzweig, while next on the horizon has to be this year’s Team USA Scholarship winners: Connor De Phillippi and Brett Smrz.

Take Two: Young Americans in F1

So hopefully Ryan will keep us apprised of all of these aspiring talents march towards the “Big boyz” as “Auntie” Harriet likes to call ‘em… And Thanxs to Ryan for providing me the names of various “Junior” drivers…