Friday, December 4, 2009

BMW sells its Formula 1 Team again

After having sold it’s soon to be defunct Formula 1 Team to the mysterious Swiss based QADBAK Foundation, which has since come under much scrutiny, including a rogue financier… BMW AG has pulled the plug on the planned sale and has henceforth sold the faltering Team to its original Founder Peter Sauber.

Sauber, I couldn’t let Team Die

Early speculation suggested that perhaps a group of American backers may have been inline to safe the F1 Constructor, before it was announced that 66yr old Peter Sauber would step-in to rescue his beloved Organization, although the deal being contingent upon Sauber being granted the 13th and final 2010 Grid Slot, which was somewhat uncertain since Toyota held the rights to this position until midweek, while speculation suggested that perhaps the Japanese Giant might due a deal with the little known Serbian based Stefan GP?

Although BMW’s decision to sell back Peter his Team is very good news, unfortunately as part of the restructuring, approx. 35% of the existing Staff has been given their Walking papers, shrinking the 388 employees to a modest 250 personnel.

Yet fortunately, the FIA wisely confirmed Peter Sauber’s reborn Sauber F1 entity as the sports 13th & Final Constructor for the 2010 season, contingent upon BMW AG signing the Concorde Agreement, which as a signatory gives them the right to sell the team and thus life goes on!

And I’m sure that the fact that Peter Sauber had already re-established his links with Ferrari; the motivating factor in the Petronas blue 2010 C29 chassis was surely helpful in Sauber’s bid, along with the fact that the new FIA Boss, a one Mr. Jean Todt was a mainstay at the Scuderia thru the Schumacher Dynasty…

But this is a good thing for the Sport as Sauber has always been a true competitor along with a haven for extending Grand Prix Piloto’s careers and spotting new talent, plus it’ll give us a little more diversity in the Engine Department, eh?