Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Paul Tracy Wants You!

Hey all of uze Hosers from Up North Eh? (Besides Meesh & CAM-WOW…) Along with ALL of us CART ‘O Phyles, Err Chump Car Fanatics whose still are Paul Tracy (devotees) supporters…

According to James over at 16th and Georgetown, the Thrill from the West Hill, Err Mr. Chrome Horn (nee Paul Tracy) wants everyone to drop TROW, NO! NOT your pants silly… I meant to say drop his sponsor Monster Energy Drinks a line (or 48) claiming how the Wily ‘Juan, Messer Paul Tracy should indeed be given a 2010 FULL season ride in the Indy Car Series…

Click here and then go to the Shout Out section to leave your positively vociferous comments in support of ‘Ol PT!

(Thanxs ‘DAWG, Err pressdog for pointing ALL of us to the Paul Tracy Athlete link…)

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