Friday, October 9, 2009

It’s almost Showtime!

Ok Kiddies, it’s almost time for the mondo-spectacular Homestead IRL Season Finale, just a little over 24hrs away… As Y’all will wanna gather ‘round and watch potentially Princesses last drive in an Indy Car?

Nah! But do tune-in to the TV Broadcast bright ‘N early… If Y’all can manage to sit thru a riveting race Preamble; or if you’re still a hapless casualty in the Direct TV/versus skirmish, then you’ll have to go elsewhere… As may I recommend the IMS Radio Network via le internets, while TV coverage begins Saturday afternoon at 1PM Pacific and will indeed be your last chance to watch Bob, Robbie, Jon, Robbie Floyd 2.0, Mr. BRUT Arute-Arute and Lyndie-Car in action this year.

The racing action kicks off today with Indy Car Qualifying set to begin at 1:20PM, preceded by Sarah Fisher’s 2010 season plans and second driver announcement at Noon… Then on Versus at 3PM is the Firestone Indy Lights Final 2009 race, with the IRL’s Season Finale set to roll off at 2PM Saturday… (ALL Times Pacific – Check your local listings)