Thursday, October 1, 2009

The “G-Mann’s” Back!

NO! NOT those pesky Revenuer’s, or men ‘O a certain Pigskin team… As yeah, I suppose James of 16th and Georgetown, a.k.a. the “G-Mann” would rather NOT discuss his recent visit to the Emergency Room, BUTT! Nevertheless I’m glad to see that he’s made a speedy return to the Blogosphere Airwaves… As another member of the IRL Blogger Brigade reports for duty;

“The G-Mann;”“Sorry for the lack of updates recently but I've been in the hospital to get my appendix taken out, or at least what was left of it after it blew. I should be back home either Friday or Saturday, and hope to update the site more regularly there after. By the way, if your stomach hurts don't wait 2 days to go to the hospital, big mistake.”
So I’ll leave it to Y’all to peruse his site for his latest scribbling’s upon the Danica Fo Manica & Terry “Two Step Ingle-Fart’s” yearly we’re Rally-Rally-Rally close to lining up a Tittle Sponsor blather…

Welcome back James!