Thursday, October 8, 2009

Latest USF1 fodder

Whale that’s interesting… As I’d grown tired of the blank white pages that greeted you on both of Team USF1’s websites, usf1/ which have now been changed to boldly claim “America’s Formula One Team… Coming in 2010!”

As I also noticed yesterday that veteran F1 reporter Joe Saward had a brief interview with Team Principal Ken Anderson, claiming that the team’s still on track and a car should be completed by early November, in time for January 2010’s “Winter Olympics,” nee Off Season Testing.

USF1: Interview with Ken Anderson and pictures

Meanwhile that proverbial soothsayer ‘O words Peter Windsor, has now apparently told Autosport that the team may be “forced” to take on an experienced “Non-American” driver for its first season... Uh-Duh, I think this has been in the “cards” for awhile, but hey as long as we get another American into Formula 1 eventually is all that matters… Although I still think the team is remiss to not give the young “Wicky” (Robert Wickens) a shot, since after all he’s from the same Continent, eh?

Then again, can you say The Hamburgular? (Bourdais)