Saturday, October 17, 2009

Was Glock really busy Texting?

Initial speculation surrounding Timo Glock’s “Suzuker Smash!” (Hmm? Don’t Y’all miss those days of the Honda Suzuker Specials, eh?) Saw SPEED’s Steve Matchett quickly claim that something musta broken; steering shaft or suspension failure, as NOBODY ever crashes there! With ‘Hobbo (David Hobbs) prattling on ‘N on ‘bout how strange of a place to crash, while Matchett thought perhaps the steering columns UV joint failed?

But further review showed how The Kimster’s (Raikkonen) steering input was nearly identical for that portion of the track… So it was somewhat surprising to hear during Friday Practice at Interlagos that Glock had admitted he’d simply taken his eyes off the road in order to look down at his steering wheel… Uhm? I’d like a Number Four with a Diet Coke… Err, you want me to switch the rear ride height to setting XBK//469 Tango-Charlie-Alpha-Oscar Eight-Six-Niner?

And thus apparently as he approached the straightaway, he looked down, his front wheel touched the wet grass and WHAM! Game Over… To which ‘Hobbo was quick to lambast as a bit of a silly mistake at his Professional level as a driver…

So repeat after me Y’all: Hands at 10 ‘N 2, eyes ON the road…

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