Thursday, October 1, 2009

Miller in the Big Chair

Whale I suppose its official now? Since James of 16th ‘N G-Town has let the Cat out among the Pigeons so to speak… As I’d heard the news from the ‘Ol Curmudgeon himself about working on trying to get Super Tex to come on Ye Old Windbag’s program this weekend when Robin Miller will be filling in as Dave Despains fourth special (stand-in) show host… Following in the footsteps of Ralph Sheheen, Krista Voda and Tommy Kendall.

So tune-in this Sunday night at 6PM Pacific to see what Robin Miller & AJ Foyt will have to yak about, eh? As perhaps we’ll be able to get around the mandatory splattering ‘O RASSCAR related topics that Wind Tunnel normally panders too...


  1. I'm pretty certain this is the first time you have not had a Danica rant for about a week or more, a new record! I believe that you secretly have her poster up somewhere in your abode, and next time I come by I will be looking!

    Lunch next week?


  2. I'm not a nascar fan...but her name is Krista Voda - not Kris Debota.

  3. Otay, so I stand coorected...

  4. Berry Funny Mister RQB on the Danica Fo Manica... But seriously, thanxs for the Krista Voda correction as obviously I've been hearing her name pronunciation incorrectly...