Friday, October 23, 2009

Talking the USF1 talk

It’s kind of sad that it takes the dubious nay saying of one Emperor Bernardo’s casting doubts over the Singapore Grand Prix weekend regarding the health of new Formula 1 team’s to cause a rash of reactive PR Speak from one of the most “Hyped” F1 newcomers for 2010…

As instantly after Uncle Bernaughty said that the USF1 team seemed doubtful to appear next March, the House of Windsor flooded the internets and Newswires with reports of the teams progress to date with exclusive interviews with Team Principal Ken Anderson…

Latest USF1 fodder

Interestingly, although Team USF1 has recently hired Bernard Ferguson (ex-Cosworth employee) to oversee the liaison of their Cosworth engine supply, rumours suggest that perhaps Ken & Peter are now trying to break their contract in favour of a French or Japanese manufacturer’s preference instead?

Can you say Oh What a Feeling (Toyota)

While further reports claim that potential driver Alex Wurz has given up hopes on landing a ride next year with the team.

But the team is reportedly on track with parts being cut as we speak, to which Peter Windsor cleverly invited Steve Matchett to go check out “live on Air” during the Friday second Free Practice session on SPEED; to which Matchett immediately jumped on along with stating we should take a camera along too, eh?

As ironically I sat thru several airings of Peter Windsor promoting a free trip to the 2010 Canadian Grand Prix via a contest at GP Tours during the Brazilian F1 race, which would imply the team will indeed make the grid… Of which I hope so for several people’s sake including GP Tours...

Meanwhile Nate Ryan wrote an interesting article for USA Today with further teases about the progression of Team USF1 recently; even divulging that some of the team’s staff is from RASSCAR!

Start-up team seeks Formula One title made in USA

Also, it was revealed during the Brazilian GP weekend that Matchett did indeed go around the corner from the SPEED studio’s in Charlotte, NC with camera crew in tow and supposedly his very last RPM (Racing Per Matchett) episode of the season, to be aired during the Abu Dubai Pre-race segment will be this footage, so check it out!

And I’m guessing some of the negativity will dissipate once the team unveils its new 2010 Challenger sometime after the Season Finale… Now all we need is a trio of drivers, eh?