Thursday, October 15, 2009

IMS for Sale?

Don’t know if Y’all saw this ‘lil tidbit – teaser in the Oct. 14 edition of Ask the Expert, which I believe is Curty “Two Shoes” Cavin…

Joe Saward writes on his blog about the rumors that IMS is for sale, then goes on to speculate that the France family is the obvious choice, puts the tag at $600 million and cites potential of using it more than three times a year. Is there any smoke, much less fire here? (Frank, Jersey City, N.J.)

I just will be shocked if they sell. I hear all the same rumors and the speculation makes sense in a still-strained economy, but I think the family sees this as more than a business; it defines them. It's also something for future generations to own and operate. For those who don't know Joe Saward, he's a Formula One guy who is very well connected in the sport. I consider him a friend, too, so I respect his work.

Seems a bit far fetched, eh? Then again you make the call…