Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh what a feeling – as HRT and Toyota agree to disagree...

Although scuttlebutt has suggested this would happen... Its now official, as Toyota will cease any further collaborative efforts with Hispania Racing – specifically development of their stillborn TF110 chassis as a basis for next year’s Hispania F1 chassis. After being pointed out it would probably cost less for HRT to develop their own chassis vs. Toyota’s exorbitant fees, albeit the inherent performance gain over the ex-Dallara sleds currently being used.

Most likely ex-Williams designer Geoff willis, who I believe has been working as an Consultant to Hispania this season – will be pressed into service to come up with next year’s new chassis, as once again the FIA regulations change, with the likely return of KERS and the moveable rear wing.

Keep in mind that HRT has already done a deal with Team Willie for rear-end components, i.e.; Gearbox and Hydraulics... Although I don’t know if Willis left the Grove-team on speaking terms or not? As he’d most likely wish to use Williams second wind tunnel to improve the lowly Hispania racecar, eh?

Also, I found it entertaining that future Williams driver Pastor Maldonado – who ran a ‘Mega 108-laps on Day-1 of the Young Drivers Test ended up being some one-plus seconds faster then both of Hispania’s two racing drivers Christian Klien & Bruno Senna. Maldonado’s fastest lap of 1:43.750 compared favourably to Senna (1:45.085) and Klien’s (1:45.085) who qualified 23rd & 24th respectively.

Although its been divulged that many of the cones (Bollards) have been removed, allowing the Young Guns to shortcut several corners – not to mention that the track has most likely continued rubbering-in...