Thursday, May 31, 2007

Monnocoe Madness

Now that I’ve finally finished watching the tape. It appears that all of the fuss over the Scuderia’s new paint scheme and suitcases ‘O dinero from Marlboro didn’t do much good for Kimi Raikkonen in qualifying!

Peter Windsor pointed out countless times that Phillip Morris is rumored to be shelling out $200 million to the Scuderia in order to have their “Bad Habits” livery adorn all major signage space for effectively three races. (Bahrain, Monaco, China and possibly Japan?)

And speaking of the red cars, why did they get completely WAXED in Monte Carlo? Although Windsor brought up an interesting story about how Ferrari’s wind tunnel belt snapped during testing just prior to the Spanish GP. I can only assume that it has something to do with Ferrari’s longer wheelbase not being conducive to a down force only track? Especially if you take in the fact that Scott 'NOSE Speed finished just one place behind Raikkonen in ninth. While piloting his Ferrari engine customer Toro Rosso, Speed was heard via the radio saying his brake pedal was going completely to the floor!

Without a doubt the highlight of the weekend was Louis “Jaguar” Hamilton’s scintillating driving performance. And even though he did make a mistake in practice. His car control was magical!

Uh, how many times did he hit the wall with his tires Peter? As I found the barb thrown during the post race interview at Kimi excellent! Hamilton replied. Actually I hit the wall several times, but fortunately McLaren builds a strong car that doesn’t break.

Yet perhaps before we’re too harsh upon the “Kimster” one should possibly ponder if the Iceman was distracted, wondering if Paris Hilton would be showing up for the weekend? Of course, this year Kimi had his own $3.5 million yacht in the harbour, so I’m sure the ice box was properly stocked…

Otherwise the race seemed pretty abysmal to me as the two McLaren’s simply checked out. I mean when was the last time the Ferrari was 69 seconds slower with Felipe Massa the only car not being lapped!

Although the back markers did offer some amusement. As “Ralfie” did little to help in his contract negotiations by being thoroughly “dusted off” by Adrian Sutil in the “lowly” Spyker.

And I think David Coulthard managed to adhere to the blue flags during the race after blocking Heikki Kovalainen. in qualifying. Although I still think that DC should have been dropped to 16th and Kovalainen starting ahead of Coulthard. Of course DC was probably busy at the moment wondering if there was any occupancy’s at his hotel…