Friday, May 11, 2007

Fast Friday

Upon penning today’s quips about Milka Duno’s accident. I did the “Unthinkable.” (Being a devoted Champ Car fan…) For the very first time ever, I listened to a live IMS Radio Network broadcast via the internets... And funny enough, I tuned-in “Just-in-Time" to hear this year’s media darling Milka Duno being interviewed about her CRASH! “I... I think I went a little too high into turn 1 and had a big crash.”

Johnny Parsons (JP) who’s moonlighting for Davey Hamilton in the booth this year had an interesting observation in regards to Duno’s crash. As Milka stated that the plan was for her team to fix the car and then qualify on Sunday. Parson’s pointed out how he was amazed how many teams were lacking back up chassis in their garages this year. (Perhaps the IRL is a little cash strapped also…)

Towards the tail end of “Happy Hour” they interviewed Hamilton who sounded really down to earth. And I was amazed with his willingness to discuss his chassis set-up with Parsons.

Davey told JP what rear wing angles he was running, claiming he'd just slapped on negative 3 degrees in order to run a 222mph + lap and was now ready to throw negative 4 onto it. Hamilton said he'd been running 0 degrees the whole week which was his race set-up which was giving him a comfortable run at 218-219mph!

(That's “Frilling” amazing to comprehend how somebody can be comfortable running around Indy in EXCESS of 225-230mph!!!)

And it was fun to hear them interviewing Ryan Briscoe alongside some legend named Mears. As in Indy 500 four time winner Rick Mears, who chimed in about seeing Briscoe’s “loaned” Penske painted in “Pennzoil Yellow,” evoked happy memories of the past.

Don’t forget that PJ Jones will also be running in a chassis harkening back to the “Glory Days ‘O Yesteryear. As PJ will be qualifying on the second weekend aboard the number 40 painted in STP “Day glow Orange.” This is a tribute to his father’s 40th Anniversary of almost winning Indy aboard legendary team owner Andy Granatelli's Turbine car.

But the highlight of “Happy Hour” was Scott Dixon throwing down the gauntlet with a lap of 227+ mph in fairly warm conditions, as the weather is expected to drop 10 degrees on Pole Day…