Sunday, May 13, 2007


And I continue to “wunder” What’s WRONG with Open Wheel Racing? I’m pretty sure I now know the answer…

For humour I decided to tune-in for Indy “Happy Hour” Day Two qualifying “live” on The Deuce. And it was really PATHETIC for the show to be pre-empted by the LPGA…

Yes that’s correct, Woman’s Golf “BUMPED!” Indy off the air as a two way playoff was covered in EXCRUTIATING stroke by MISSED stroke action. With the two finalists trying to give the title away to their competition for three extra holes.

(“Isn’t it Ironic?” But hey! Danica’s already “safely” in the show… So who cares?)

So I found it WOEFULLY humorous as the ESPN2 announcers tried to OVER HYPE the sensationalism (?) of The Brickyard’s new qualifying format… As Rusty “Left Turn Only” Wallace expounded: “How cool is it that we went all the way down to the wire to see who’d “Boomp” their way into the Top 22!”

Uh, “Earth to Rusty!” The whole “FRILLING” final 60 minutes was NOT seen because of some STUPID playoff golf!

Is it any “wunder” why Open Wheel Racing is on life support? I mean, C’mon that’s supposed to be “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.” Then again what can you say about Indy when one of the "top" story lines is John Herb getting “boomped” out of the days field twice in one afternoon…

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