Saturday, May 5, 2007

Grey Bar du Hilton

OOPS! It appears that Paris Hilton may not be able to make the rounds in “Monnaquoe” after all, as the starlet has just been sentenced to 45 days in jail.

And the headline notes that they hope Paris “Likes Chicken.” As the blonde strumpet has been ordered to “Not Pass Go!” Nor try finding a swank, secluded “Celeb’s Only” minimum security prison to do her time. “Excuse me Guard. Does this Orange jump suit clash with my hair? And I really need to have a manicure…”

No, Paris is going to have to do “Hard Time? As it depends on whether or not there are bunks available at “Chez Grey Bar du Motel.” (And I’m sure her lawyer’s will be working overtime on preparing her briefs…)

Meanwhile in Holland, Spyker is pushing forward with the launch of its newest facility, The F1 Sports Bar. Along with tapping Heineken as their “Official Brew.” So, perhaps they’ll delay the Grand Opening ceremony until after the chagrined Ms. Hilton returns from solitary confinement. Then again what better way to endorse your newest “bubbly.”

Cheers Paris…