Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Flying Tomas brothers

Hoorah! “Juan ‘O” my namesakes have successfully made his return to motor racing, while the other is still on the mend. Yet perhaps the Flying moniker isn’t the best choice of words as both drivers were badly injured.

Not to be confused with the Brundell Brothers. (Martin “Billy bob” Brundle & Mark Blundell) Nope, I’m talking about none other then the Tomas brothers, err Tom Kristensen and Tomas Enge who were both injured in racing accidents earlier this year.

Enge had a major shunt while piloting the Peterson/White Lightning Ferrari F430GT at St. Petersburg. Yet Tomas has made an amazingly fast recovery and returned to competition last weekend in Salt Lake City’s ALMS event.

Kristensen was involved in a crash during the Hockenheim DTM (German Touring Car) race and is still recovering from his injuries. Which may cause him to miss this year’s 24 Heurs du Mans.

If you wish to view the carnage of Tom Kristensen’s accident, check out this U Tube clip: Kristensen Crashes at Hockenheim.