Friday, May 25, 2007

Monnocoe misery

Of course, once pen has gone to paper… Those involved usually do something foolish, eh? As I sat watching the second practice session of the Monaco Grand Prix, the SPEED crew chimed in various comments about the F1 drivers I’d just written about.

Although I thoroughly enjoy Peter Windsor’s insights on a whole. Why is he all in lather over Louise “Jaguar” Hamilton? As I found it really ANNOYING to hear him once again blather on about how special Hamilton is. As Windsor made the cardinal mistake to me, upon saying that Hamilton was having Senna like moments around the confines of Monte Carlo… Earth to Windsor, He ain’t NO Frilling Ayrton Senna!!!!

Then it came to me, Hamilton has become Windsor’s new British Hope. Ah, those “cheeky” Brit’s. Always in search of the next great British driver to bring them the trophy. As for some reason they believe the universe of Formula 1 is situated in Bloody ‘ole England. Looks like “Jense” has lost his luster.

And then the moment was over, when Hamilton took it a little too far and SMASHED into the barriers… As Windsor was quick to point out that its Jaguar’s very first mistake.

And it’s not hard to understand how a driver can make a mistake at Monaco as the cars go screaming around the country in one and a quarter minutes at 100mph! Hitting speeds of 185mph thru the artificially lit tunnel!

Professor Matchett pointed out that the drivers were making 57/58 gear shifts per lap! With 76 second laps equating to an average of shifting every 1.3 seconds.

And of course Windsor had to talk down ‘ANT’s” performance of late, saying he’s fast but seems to crash a lot. Hmmm? Sound familiar to a certain female’s comments about one of her competitor’s? This was prior to Davidson crashing against the Armco and being shown walking back to the pits alongside Hamilton.

And of course Adrian Sutil crashed hard against the barriers along with “Fishy Fella” and Mark Webber having incidents. So it appears that street racing is harder then it looks. Although I did enjoy David Hobbs comments about Mario Andretti. Hobbs said that Andretti claimed if you didn’t come back into the pits from Indy with white paint on your tires, then you weren’t trying hard enough…

And finally, Bob Varsha noted that Michael Schumacher was on hand for his second race in a row. In case you were wondering why more than the 32,000 residents don’t take advantage of the tax haven. Keep in mind that Schuey has been asked to leave the Principality due to the fact that he wasn’t spending enough time living there!