Friday, May 11, 2007

Milka’s Doughnut

Perhaps it’s just me, but does anybody else find the timing of “Little E’s” (Ironhead Jr.) press conference a bit surprising? I mean why was this bombshell “dropped” just two days prior to Pole Day at Indianapolis.

And in RASSCAR lingo, when drivers collide with the wall at “Juan” famous track, it’s referred to as earning your Darlington Stripe.”

Ok, so I shouldn’t be jumping on the band wagon. But how could I refuse after getting the news from Danny B. that the wait is over… In his best Tom Carnegie voice, saying “Milka’s HIT the Wall!”

And although Duno’s not the first person to crash this month at Indy, with John Herb claiming the first lick. (Or would that be a “French Lick?”) I’m sure that Duno’s crash will receive far more media attention. Coming one day after Danica “flirted” with the day’s top speed, before settling for second. (Ahead of Dan Wheldon, etc.)

Yet at least Danica was honest and admitted her speed came courtesy of a tow. And before you think I’m being too harsh on the female Indy rookie, Duno can at least take solace in the fact that she’s been faster than ‘lil Al all month long. Yet again, I’m not sure if this is what The Brickyard has in mind in regards to earning your “Rookie Stripes…”