Monday, May 21, 2007

New Formula 1 races

And although Indy’s “Boomp Day” garnered the majority of media attention. In case you didn’t hear the news, during the recent Spanish Grand Prix. It was announced that Valencia and Singapore had both been awarded Formula 1 races beginning in 2008.

Both of these venues will be held on newly created street circuits, a la Monaco and there seems to be some confusion towards whether or not Singapore’s event will be a night race. Emperor Ecclestone would prefer the night race simply to give him prime time TV exposure in Europe vs. the typical ‘O Dark 30 we routinely experience stateside.

Also announced was the contract extension of Barcelona, following on the heels of recent extensions of Turkey and Malaysia. These contracts will help Bernie fulfill his aspirations towards a 20 race schedule for next year’s calendar.

The Valencia event is expected to be held towards the end of the season in October with Singapore most likely in the beginning when the F1 circus makes its sweep through Asia…