Thursday, May 31, 2007

INDY 500: The Greatest Spectacle?

Ah, after having been thru a three hour Rain Delay. (Not to be confused with a three hour cruise…) I think the “Buzz” of the Indy 500 has finally subsided for me. And many would say I’d gotten it all “ASS-Backwards” as I focused upon the “indee 415” instead of the Monaco Grand Prix.

But there were a few reasons for this programming switch. Mainly since for reasons unknown my “Old School” (circa 2005) Panasonic VCR will now NO longer record sound on two channels. (ABC & NBC) And has also run afoul of the Government’s switching of Daylight Savings time. So now needs to be manually manipulated twice a year to adjust to the correct time Yet, so far SPEED is unaffected.

And many, well ok a few seem confounded that Rusty “L.T.O.” Wallace bothered me so badly that I turned the TV completely off and just staired at the paint on my ceiling instead while listening to The Greatest Spectacle in Racing live via the internets. Well Ok, at least Tony George, the King and Mr. I Am Indy think its GREEATTTTTTTTT!
But hey, I noticed that I wasn’t alone, as I read that Rusty made a pair ‘O Golden Retriever’s HOWL in Protest!

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