Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Big MAC Attack

“Cheep” Ganassi’s drivers seemed to be the common theme of this past weekend’s Wind Tunnel on SPEED TV. As first up was an entertaining interview with Dan Wheldon. As part way thru the first segment Dave Despain broke out in laughter upon noticing the button “Spike” was wearing.

Is that your Chip Ganassi button or are you borrowing it from Robin Miller? Wheldon replied, I’m borrowing it from Mr. Miller. Although I must say Chip looks a lot younger on the button. I must have really caused him some stress…

And although I didn’t see the wreck live, I did find it quite bemusing to see how many people (both drivers and spectators) MAC Montoya managed to infuriate with his first lap “shahmozzle” during the RASSCAR “All $tar” race at Humpy Wheeler’s house.

This follows on the heels of listening to the in car radio exchange last week when his crew chief pleaded with Juan Pablo to pull over and let his teammate pass by. Montoya in his best Southern “drawl” repeated several times “HALL NO!”

MAC appears to have become Nextel Cup’s newest Charles Barkley… As in you either “Luv him or Hate ‘em.” And the majority of callers to Wind Tunnel seemed to “Hate ‘em.”

Yet I found the “Tunnel Head” who got the Last Call to be hilarious. He started off by asking Despain if he knew where he could get a Juan Pablo Montoya bobble head. Despain said NO, I don’t have “Juan” here, nor do I know where you can find one…

You seem to be in the minority of caller’s tonight, why do you want a Montoya bobble head? And the caller retorted. “Cause I want to SMASH IT with a cast iron skillet…”