Monday, May 14, 2007

Another Brick in the Wall

Yeah, I know many of you are probably getting sick of me beating the proverbial “Dead Horse.” But here’s a few more comments from Sunday night's The Speed Report in regards to the vaunted Brickyard’s Pole Day weekend.

Was that Speed TV’s Dudley or Dynamic Duo live from the Speedway? As Drew Johnson claimed if he’d seen Robin Miller in person he’d have turned him in to Tony George for the $20 reward...

Playing the role of the “Boy Wonderer.” Or most definitely, the Dudley portion of the duo was Derr-Wreck Daily, chiming in with his 12 cents worth. And although he didn’t say anything earth shattering. I suppose you’d have to find it slightly bemusing when Miller asked him who’d the final 11 entrants would be?

Daily quipped it would be “Harem Scarem” time as some of the persons trying to put rides together were pretty scary. Mentioning that one even had a 1-800 number on his garage to help him buy an engine…

And I’m told that contrary to the constant media drubbing of how attendance was “GRRRRRRRRRRRRREATTTTT!” It was actually pretty sad. Compare this against Barcelona having 67,000 adoring Spaniards for Friday F1 Practice vs. how many for Indy’s “Fast Friday.” Or Pole Day vs. the Spanish GP qualifying…

In fairness to Indy, Portland, Oregon’s largest G.I. Joes 200 race day attendance was only 65,000+ during the pinnacle of Champ Cars popularity during the mid-1990’s.

But for me, by far the best quote of the show came from none other than ex-Beauty Queen Nicole Manske while reading off the Indy 500’s grid. “In row three is “The Princess” and Marco.” (As in none other than Danica…)

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